So, you want to add a character to use in the roleplay, corrent? This is the place to do it.

Step 1: Choose A RaceEdit

A race is the classification of species in the fanatsy world. You have a lot of options at stake. Races that are new in the Roleplay are in bold.

  • Earth Pony
  • Pegasus (can fly)
  • Unicorn (can use magic)
  • Crystal Pony (has customisable coat)
  • Changeling (can morph)
  • Phenitian (can walk like humans)
  • Alicorn (combo of Pegasus and Unicorn)

If you request another race to be here (dog, cat, etc.), please specify with the term "Other".

Step 2: Choose a Age and GenderEdit

Of course, there are only two genders to choose.

  • Male (Stallion)
  • Female (Mare)

However, the age group can change the gender as well.

  • Foal
  • Normal

If you choose normal, you will use the names in parenthesis to determine the gender. If you chose Foal (baby ponies), then Stallion would be Colt, and Mare would be Filly.

Step 3: Describing your CharacterEdit

Describe it! (What does it like? What does it look like? etc.) You can even post a custom picture of your character so the High Impact team can really picture your character. Make a page as well! Try to be as specific as possible while describing, especially if that character has any family relatives!

Step 4: RegisteringEdit

So, you're ready to roleplay, it seems! Publish your page in this wiki, and our team will see if it can be used for in the Roleplay. If it is, congratulations! You're ready to start your adventure! If not, our team will specify WHY your character is not eligable for usage. Don't worry, we won't be that harsh.

Optional: Create more CharactersEdit

Multitasking much? Go for it! Create more characters, and act out as 2 or even more characters at once! Please note, the max limit is 5 characters for each user, so please do not abuse this privalage.


These are the links to registered, pending, and rejected characters created by people other than you.

Registered Characters

Pending Characters

Rejected Characters