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High Impact is a Roleplay that will challenge the players' friendships they make to the limit. This RP is based on a real dream from DaAngeRage, and My Little Pony. This is a very special kind of Roleplay. As players (or ponies) 'join into Equestria', they will develop their own story to tell. Once you're dead, or returned back to your world, you can't go back until the whole story is ready to restart. This 'bounce' effect causes a huge storyline, whereas no tale that is told will be exactly true. It will give a variety of stories to tell!


You are a human, minding your own business. But then, a huge rainbow portal sucks you in, and you're in Equestria. It's based on your relationships with the ponies you meet that will determine your end. But, the objective in this roleplay, is to last. To last until you return back to your dimension, or die. Search everywhere in sight. See new things. Or, your end just may be a dream just like DaAngeRage. But, there's one question I have for you:

How long can you last...? 

On TimesEdit

The on times of the Roleplay will be on Fridays, 6 pm to 8 pm ETA. The first Friday will begin on December 28th. Please note, your character must have your character registered before you can be in the Roleplay!

How It BeganEdit

A person by the name of DaAngeRage gets in a dream, and he's ready to tell his story to the entire world. He knows the entire story, and he knew facts about MLP before knowing anything else. He's the world's first person to have a dream based on ponies, and remember it. And he's happy to say he's a brony for just that.

To know how the dream (prologue) went, please wait until the transcript is complete and ready to be published. You can also go to the chat of this wiki to find out. You must, however, wait for DaAngeRage to actually be on that chat room.

Latest activityEdit

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