These are the basic rules of the wiki.

Rule 1:Edit

This wiki will not use content rated R (movies), M and AO (video games), and TV-MA (television shows) to make sure this wiki has a safe environment.

Rule 2:Edit

The following is prohibited in any pages, or non-roleplay hours in the chat.

  • Inappropriate Links (Videos, Photos, etc.)
  • Profanity
  • Gore and/or Frequent Blood
  • Videos That Require Proof of Adult Age
  • Intense Violence
  • Trolling and/or Spamming The Comments
  • Threats and/or Blackmail
  • Sexual Violence and Sexuality

Rule 3:Edit

If you are a hater of MLP, you can still join the Roleplay, but you may not encourage people to join your team.

Rule 4:Edit

The following is prohibited in the chat in roleplay hours in the chat. Please note that the chat in roleplay hours is only allowed for ages 13 and over.

  • No Links Allowed
  • Threats and/or Blackmail
  • Profanity
  • Inappropriate 'Actions'
  • Trolling and/or Spamming

Breaking any of these rules in Rule 3 could get you excluded from roleplaying temporarily, or permanently.

Rule 5:Edit

Have fun, of course!